Version 2.0 is reshaping the Reach Engine platform by augmenting timelines to a much more powerful level. In Access, the timeline becomes a primary focal point for users to review video, audio and clips from a single location.

Reach Engine Access UI


You spoke, we listened. All relevant functionality from our Studio (Flex) product has been added to our Access (HTML5) application. While we’ll still support Studio in Reach Engine v1.13 for the short-term, it’s time to start using Access 2.0 full-time. Here are the feature highlights in 2.0:

  • Logging: redesigned the right column throughout the application to make metadata creation and editing more efficient
  • Usage: added a new tab to the Inspector panel to identify where those assets are used throughout Reach Engine
  • Asset versioning: ability to version assets as new drafts of the same content are created with capability to roll-back to a previous version
  • Basic vs. advanced search: introduced basic keyword search without having to open the advanced search modal for every search
Reach Engine Timeline UI


Introducing one of the coolest and time-saving tools in recent Reach Engine memory, Timeline:

  • Timeline view: a new way to view multiple video and audio assets on the same preview screen to make previewing, tagging, and reviewing more efficient
  • Markers: place time-based “marks” on assets within the timeline view as metadata to enable quick retrieval of important points within the assets
  • Timeline clips: create a time-ranged clip of all assets within the new timeline that can easily be exported for further editing or distribution
  • Multi-angle preview: preview a large-scale video of the main timeline assets while still seeing action-based thumbnails for the other video angles and assets
Reach Engine Access Desktop 2.0 UI


After releasing a limited beta in the 1.13 release, we’re officially deploying our newest product in 2.0, Access Desktop:

  • Access: all functionality you’ve come to expect and love of Access are now available from your desktop whether MacOS or Windows
  • Drag-n-drop: ability to drag assets to and from your machine or other external storage into and out of Reach Engine for instant ingest and download
  • Upload without shared storage: don’t worry if you’re not accessing shared storage mounts, you can now upload into Access desktop without
  • Craft Desktop retirement: if you have used Reach Engine’s Craft for Desktop, this application’s full functionality is now available within Access Desktop
Reach Engine Craft for Premier 2.0 UI


Our panels go to the “Cloud” with the new Premiere panel release, bundled into Reach Engine 2.0:

  • Download from AWS S3: download from an Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 bucket from within the Reach Engine Adobe Premiere panel to edit your media asset(s)
  • Upload to AWS S3: upload to an AWS S3 bucket from within Craft for Premiere
    Collections: ability to open a Reach Engine Collection from within Craft for Premiere
  • Proxy as source: users can now set a proxy as the source for assets within Craft for Premiere
Reach Engine Acquire for Prelude UI


Our panels go to the “Cloud” with the new Prelude panel release, bundled into Reach Engine 2.0:

  • Upload to AWS S3: upload to an AWS S3 bucket from within the Reach Engine Adobe Prelude panel to ingest your media asset(s)

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