Reach Engine and Levels Beyond. Those two names have been the source of confusion for plenty of prospects, clients, partners and even new employees over the years. Too often we’ve heard conversations begin with, “Okay, which is the company name and which is the name of the product?”

Up until now, we took that question as an opportunity to explain that Reach Engine is our product, a media production platform that helps companies in the sports, entertainment and consumer brands industries organize and optimize the use of their media assets.

Levels Beyond is our company name as the maker and supporter of Reach Engine, which continues to evolve with new features and use cases for future-facing users.

Our platform can take you levels beyond your current state of production, like an engine that allows you to power up your media programs and reach new audiences through more channels.

Often those names get shortened to just “reach” or “levels,” sometimes being used interchangeably as though they refer to the same thing. This year we decided to address the matter in a way that allows us to keep the names we believe align with our mission, while making it easy to recognize which is which.

From this day forward you will find we are utilizing some color changes and splitting up our longtime Reach Engine by Levels Beyond logo so that Levels Beyond has its own logo with red dots bursting upward and outward. The Reach Engine logo will keep our traditional blue dots. Going forward we will further differentiate products with their own logo treatments and colored dots.

You can expect to see a lot more exciting news and products coming from Levels Beyond soon as we focus our considerable expertise in helping customers migrate media workflows from on-prem to cloud.

And we also have a new video to explain it all, which you can see here on YouTube.

We like the simplicity and power of our new brand solution, and we hope you will too.

See you all at NAB!

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