An amazing gathering of thought leaders at Tech Summit CA on October 4th at the Marina Del Rey Hotel!

Hosted by Levels Beyond and sponsored by GrayMeta and HGST, dozens of movers and shakers from studios, networks, sports, brands and more arrived on a beautiful Southern California evening to hear about and discuss trends in this space.

Kicking off the evening, Laura Martin from Needham and Co. engaged the audience with an enlightening look at the challenges facing us today.

There was an animated question and answer session about her research on the latest internet, entertainment and cable companies.

Next up Levels Beyond’s Art Raymond moderated a panel on the future of the cloud with Scott Rose from SDI Media, Kip Schauer with Google, Rob Delf of Rightsline, Eliot Sakhartov from Microsoft and Josh Wiggins of GrayMeta.

Those in the crowd peppered the panel with questions about security, tools and AI.

The second panel focused on VR in a conversation with Matthew Lewis from Practical Magic, Art Raymond, Mario Kenyon and Daniel Kenyon from Furious M.

Questions ranged from whether or not VR is viable to the projects that are impacting us right now.

Reach Engine threaded every element of the evening. We correlated media management and delivery, focusing on those between the ages of 18-35. We explored cloud-agnostic data that contributes to amazing case studies using stats, AI and cloud tools. And we touched on our new timeline that openly models the use of data, video objects and relationships between content.

Tech Summit CA connected West Coast clients and industry experts for an evening that explored challenges in the new era of studios, networks, sports and more.

Levels Beyond, GrayMeta and HGST thank everyone who attended.

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