The Future of Sports Broadcasting

Traditional sports leagues and teams have been delivering fans an experience in the same ways for decades. The time has come for change if younger audiences are to become a part of fandom.


Younger generations are all about following teams through on-demand, social and mobile experiences over the traditional ways audiences have enjoyed broadcast sports in the past. If leagues and teams fail to engage through newer methods, they will miss the chance to turn young viewers into lifelong fans.


In order to reach younger audiences, all media companies must make their content readily available in ways that are both convenient and easily accessible on newer media platforms and devices.

Teams and leagues must embrace fans everywhere they are in the world, not just those within driving distance of home turf. Today all sports can be both local and global in reach.

The future of sports broadcasting is tied to OTT, so-called Over-the-Top streaming, in which programming can be consumed at the audience’s pleasure, whenever and wherever.

Download: The Future of Sports Broadcasting

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