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Content Strategy for Sports

Reach Engine provides sports teams with greater visibility for content acquisition, production and publishing processes. Our platform helps sports teams, leagues and universities retain a younger audience with social media creation, curation, and persistence. We organize content from multiple sources (game day or ENG) for essential quick turnaround.


Hybrid Architecture

Teams, players, and leagues work together with broadcasts, consistent relationships to youth and faster multi-channel output and support.

Timeline Tools

While you are working, our timeline tools allow for multi-angle views of your broadcast, team content, stadium content and library all at one time.

Content Hub

Reach Engine visualizes all angles of the game, captures sponsor exposure and automatically publishes content to a team’s website or social media platforms.

Increase Revenue

The intelligence and automations that our platform provides increases productivity and maximizes a team’s ROI on both infrastructure and revenue.



Using multi-channel marketing, we create media with WIP media management, keep the star and team social presence through our mobile and archive, and access all of your content with dynamic clipping. Pre-set meta standards allow you to push your content out fast, all supported with automated social and local digital channel management.


We create a plan for media expectation and flow, backed by a collaborative cloud environment for library, event image and video, live clipping and broadcast production. Distribution templates and automated workflows allow real-time social and marketing media. You have a cloud framework for all media collaboration to stadium, broadcast, digital and remote.


Reach Engine’s preservation inventory archives your content to be used for consumer connection during the off season. You get digital media and production support, along with external partner access and syndication management. We also coordinate portal and mobile app delivery along with broadcast packaging and distribution.

Baltimore Ravens

Before Reach Engine we had to manually transcode all our TV shows, but now with a click of a button we encode our shows with multiple codecs, deliver them to our affiliates, and send an automated email notifying them the show is ready.

Jack Dana
Broadcast Media Coordinator, Baltimore Ravens

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