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Pre-event, Event and Post-event Coordination for Live Events

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Content Strategy for Live Events

Media coordination for your live event requires a complex approach. Maximizing the use of a library and market prep before the event, managing content created and produced at the live event and resourcing that content for future use with on premise or cloud support delivers large-scale success.


Strategic Coordination

Our live event strategy includes filling all the seats, making the venue virtually larger and capturing content in unique ways for your venue and for future events.

Increase Revenue

The cost to operate your event is reduced, optimizing your chance to make money with access to everything you need to monitor your live event before, during and after.

Increase Social Media Reach

Your live event will reach a wider audience with a coordinated play for social, direct, mass, and targeted media to consumers before, during and after events.

Connected to AWS

Your brand gets a powerful Amazon Web Services cloud platform with secure, reliable and adaptable object storage framework.

HOW WE HELP Live Events


Prior to your live event, we launch a multi-channel marketing effort. We handle your media creation with work in process management. We establish celebrity social media presence using Reach Engine mobile and accessing library images and content. Our dynamic clipping of that content is then prepped for promotion, digital and direct apps.


For your live event, we coordinate your media flow for content. We utilize gateway or cloud integration of daily images and video to the cloud for marketing, digital, media outlets and stadium team. Distribution templates and automated distribution workflows for real-time social and marketing media are in place for all production broadcast and digital.


Following your event, all your media is created and stored in our preservation inventory. We establish a schedule for consumer connection after the event with digital media (social and direct) and production support. Reach Engine coordinates syndication management and rights integration and handles broadcast/digital partner packaging and distribution.

Fox Sports

Reach Engine gave us access to our media that we’ve never had for a remote event…on top that, we moved our operation forward by using technology API commands with other vendors and cloud based computing and storage.

Reed Kaufman
ED Post Production, Fox Sports

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