The Visual Archive

Companies are inundated with content, so they archive it to free up storage space. But what happens when you want to access that content now?


When media companies put content in their archives, that content is often forgotten or employee turnover happens and the content is difficult to find. In order to keep valuable content from being lost, how do you preserve it for future use?


Tagging assets with descriptive metadata allows editors to find your content easily during the production process. Establishing clear and consistent processes will reduce the time it takes for your content to start generative a return.

Visible search and retrieve is the essence of the future of all media production, and most importantly media production automation.

To move into the efficiency of this new era – whether a brand, studio, network or sports league – you need to establish a manufacturing and inventory basis for your media. Archive can be a great place to start the evolution.

Download: The Visual Archive

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