Dynamic Archive

Archives today require a much more integrated and forward-facing flow than previously possible.

The Challenge

Legacy solutions and vendors are shrinking and amortizing their systems – not updating. Old MAM and DAM integrations are not enough. Archive automation is not inherent to operations.

New Archive Metaphor

Archive is a tier in a dynamic reuse environment. Archive is visual. Archive is rich in metadata. Most sub-platform systems for major media players need to be part of archive.

New Archive Technologies

Digital preservation verification is automatic. Disaster Recovery is automatic. Access is universal to the parties that need content. Integration to WIP production is rich and useful.

Overview Archive Solution

The Evolution to Dynamic Archive

A variety of options possess cost-effective, incremental processes to modernize your archive, disaster recovery and operation.

The Visual Archive

What’s gone wrong with your archive? Just what are the questions and answers of your changing market needs? Here, we offer tools and solutions for the “let’s put it in the archive” dilemma.

On-Prem vs Cloud Archive

How do you choose on-prem or the cloud? The options today involve creating balance for your organization. Here, we help evaluate choices and whether to move to the cloud or stay on-premises.

AI Enhanced Archive

How do you best use and reuse your content? New technology has enhanced the process to retrieve your content. Here, we help you discover how your content can serve multiple purposes.

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