QA Lead Engineer

The QA Lead Engineer is responsible for overseeing the QA team members who are testing the various applications that have been designed and developed by our engineering teams. You are also responsible for architecting and implementing automated testing solutions. You care about craftsmanship in your work, and you’re willing to fight for it. You are an engineer who firmly believes that quality is everyone’s responsibility. You enjoy finding vulnerabilities and bugs in existing code, and you’re capable of working with a team to fix those issues for good. You’ll get to define the process for preventing future issues and measuring confidence in code releases. You’ll architect the systems that will expand our automated testing infrastructure and guide other engineers to write automated tests and follow better testing practices. You are the last line of defense to ensure high quality output, and responsible for the last sign off before production release.

Core Job Responsibilities

  • Develop, organize, and align a QA team that will be distributed amongst multiple development teams over multiple products.
  • Design and build automated solutions across several services and systems in a cross-functional, agile environment.
  • Evangelize testing culture throughout the organization.
  • Support the development of team members from a professional and technical level.
  • Implement reporting procedures to effectively track test coverage for both manual and automated tests.
  • Accurately determine, assign, track and manage project task, activity, documentation, and time information.
  • Identify, evaluate, and manage the documentation and deliverables required for each product to be tested.
  • Participate in staging and production deploys.
  • Partner with product owners and developers to identify areas for improved efficiencies.
  • Mentor QA and engineering team members on automation and testing best practices.
  • Develop and implement manual and automated test plans and procedures to accurately test the application code, functions, modules and systems to successfully meet the intended business / user requirements.
  • Develop and utilize test data sets that support the implementation of test plans and procedures as necessary.
  • Lend support to various business and technology teams as necessary during design, development, delivery and support to ensure solid, scalable, robust solutions, to include providing QA release LOEs.
  • Be able to clearly communicate complex technical designs and solutions in clear, concise and easily readable format by both technical and non-technical personnel.
  • Communicate effectively in both verbal (i.e. day-to- day discussions, team meetings) and written (requirements and design specifications) form, as well as have an overall ability to be clear and concise in all communications.
  • Accurately assess the risks associated with each solution design / project.
  • Be able to travel as necessary.
  • Perform additional job-related duties as requested.

Required Skills & Abilities

  • Demonstrated leadership / attention to detail skills through prior experience at the tactical / implementation levels.
  • Ability to coach, mentor and train personnel (i.e. test engineers) within a technical organization.
  • Ability to learn new skills (technical, operational & interpersonal) throughout previous, current and new roles.
  • Demonstrated attention to detail skills through prior experience at the tactical / implementation levels.
  • Demonstrated ability to deliver solid results within a software engineering environment, particularly with respect to personal ownership, accountability and meeting business goals and personal metrics.
  • Direct experience in Java (or another OOP language) and JavaScript.
  • Linux terminal experience -> CentOS / RHEL preferred
  • Extensive experience building integration test frameworks.
  • Experience in automating build processes, application deployments and continuous integration systems like Jenkins.
  • Test planning and test case design, development and maintenance for manual and automated tests.
  • Experience working with RESTful APIs.
  • Experience working with project management and testing software: Jira, Zephyr
  • Experience in testing frameworks: Protractor, Jasmine/Karma, Cucumber/Selenium.
  • Working knowledge of application design and development processes, methodologies and standards.
  • Advanced automated script design, coding, debugging and maintenance skills.
  • Experience with software interaction with databases such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server and / or Oracle.
  • Decision making and problem solving skills and experience with software development projects.
  • Excellent ability to understand and express complex topics.
  • Excellent English communications skills.
  • U.S. Citizen / Green Card required.

Education / Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or a related field, AND
  • At least 3 years of experience in software development testing and / or quality assurance, OR
  • Relevant combination of education and experience.
  • Leading a team with least 2+ years of experience as a QA lead.

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