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Reach Engine Blueprint enables production managers to plan and manage the lifecycle development of assets from initial placeholders to approved files. Blueprint reinvents how content is created and managed. It sets up the plan, assigns metadata, collections, workflows and most every attribute you need to automate content production. Blueprint then tracks and measures how you are doing – and assists you in getting your work done on time.

Content managers using Blueprint focus on setting up the ‘factory’ and then letting it run. Blueprint becomes the conduit for state and status of all the critical elements in your content cycle, be it review and approve or editing. A portal dashboard provides executives and production teams quick insights into at-risk work streams, items needing approval and other status-related updates throughout the production.

Reach Engine Blueprint
Reach Engine Access



Reach Engine Access provides a central hub for companies allowing a wide variety of users to search for, edit, take action and organize content. With a full administrative suite, admins have complete control over what content users can view and edit, as well as what actions are available to them. Access correlates the work you need to get done to the user experience you see. Work production has never been more streamlined, simplified or efficient.

Users with the appropriate permissions may perform numerous tasks: batch updating assets at once, creating clips, downloading content, managing projects, managing timelines, ingesting content, archiving, restoring and exporting assets. Empower anyone from a salesperson, marketer, producer or director to leverage and contribute as needed. And with Blueprint turned on, system users see the world through the metaphor of work needing to be done, not assets and search. While both concepts are available, optimized work is the new paradigm.



Without having to give external users the “keys to the kingdom,” Reach Engine Collaborate is a cloud-based tool to share assets with external users as well as allow those external users to upload assets for ingest back into Reach Engine. The most important attribute for Collaborate is security, and content cycles are not out of process. Users are not forced into a third-party system that leaves them blind to work status.

This sharing and uploading of assets can occur within a lightweight dashboard of Collaborate known as Shared with Me, or can be part of a Blueprint job assigned to a creative team known as Job Management. In either Shared with Me or Job Management, Collaborate is a powerful tool to connect, communicate, and exchange assets between internal Reach Engine users and the outside world.

Reach Engine Collaborate
Reach Engine Premier Panel



With Reach Engine Premiere Panel, production teams can manage, share and finish projects in Adobe Premiere Pro CC, a key application in Adobe Creative Cloud®.

Users can completely and easily manage projects within Adobe Creative Cloud without switching out of familiar Adobe tools and editing environments. They can track metadata, project files, and media for ready accessibility and ultimate visibility. Projects and concepts are shareable within an easy to navigate interface, allowing team members in any location in the world to share files and access assets managed by Reach Engine.



Reach Engine Prelude Panel is a tool for reviewing, importing, logging, selecting and exporting tapeless media. The software also offers features like speech transcription and rough cut creation.

You can easily tag and transcode video footage and quickly create a rough cut. It’s also easy to ingest assets with the intuitively designed interface for efficient media organization and metadata entry. Prelude translates effortlessly into Adobe Premiere Pro, ensuring fluid communication and organization throughout the video production process. An Adobe Prelude-integrated Interface, Reach Engine Prelude Panel allows users to import assets and tag them with metadata, then import them into the Reach Engine.

Reach Engine Prelude Panel
Reach Engine Dynamic Clipping



Reach Engine supports timeline objects with tools to assemble views of various disparate videos by timeline. The Reach Engine Dynamic Clipping Tool uses this timeline object to power a new era of dynamic clipping. Dynamic Clipping provides streaming, clipping, and social media posting directly from a live feed. Get your content in front of digital viewers within minutes of real-time.

Users can watch events as they unfold with full control of the playhead. They can create clips in the same fashion as library content, tagging them as the go. Clips are posted to social media via a seamless user action, resulting in expanding your audience in near real-time.



Reach Engine Distribution automates delivery based on package status. Deliveries map to complex subscription, partner and content configurations, removing all guesswork from the process.

Need a particular video format delivered to a location via Aspera at the same time that another location receives their proper formats (plural) sent via Amazon S3, while accounting for proper rights management? Reach Engine provides this and more, shuttling content to hundreds of services with intelligent queue management.

Reach Engine Distribution

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