How Reach Engine Became
a Modern Media Platform

The Challenge

Customers spend time on a variety of platforms like Facebook or Snapchat. The devices that customers use to get on those platforms vary: iPhone, android, tablets, gaming boxes, on-demand TV. And the most important piece? The relationship between big data and analytics that tells you who’s on what, where and how.

The Answer

intersectionLevels Beyond created a new generation platform: Reach Engine. It is so modern and so open that it can be used with new devices, new audience platforms and provide you with the data to understand how that message is released and received. Reach Engine is an automated factory that allows a company to create content that goes to the right place at the right time for the people who demand it. That means you can use different media and channel combinations and remain adaptive and flexible in response to the needs of your audience.

You no longer have to wonder:

How do I know where my consumer is?
How to I know the content that they like?
How do I create or connect to that content in a meaningful way?

Reach Engine is uniquely positioned at the intersection of creators managing content to meet consumer demand.


The big race in computing and technology services is to move all your video content to the cloud because most of the time you simply want to deliver a product or medium, you don’t want to be a technology company.

And here’s the rub: video file sizes are so large it’s a challenge to move high res video files around requiring network bandwidth that most organizations don’t have and can’t afford to buy. You’d seriously lose 20 minutes an hour in productivity trying to work strictly from the cloud.

Reach Engine offers a Hybrid solution that provides heavy lifting on-premise computing nodes which allows your organization to quickly find/edit/transform and produce video content without significant loss of productivity and time. The combination of on-premise and cloud infrastructure gives your company the best of both worlds without a loss in productivity.


While selling a completely Hybrid solution, Levels Beyond recognizes that eventually our on-premise nodes won’t be required by many clients and offers its products on a subscription basis.

End-to-End Platform

Content production moves from end-to-end on Reach Engine.

  1. Intelligent Content Planning: What is it we want to make and why.
  2. Inventory Management & Access: Making the content you want to deliver.
  3. Creative Collaboration: Reviewing and sharing that content with stakeholders.
  4. Channel Creation: Channel targeting and delivery.
  5. Packaging & Distribution: Preparing that content to go to market and understanding where it should go.
  6. Analytics Aggregation: Collecting analytics on what your audience liked and didn’t like about it.

Open APIs

A modern platform requires being instantly flexible and adaptive to changes in the market. Reach Engine’s modern APIs allow people to quickly integrate a new platform or device and basically dynamically evolve. That means better content being delivered and analyzed immediately, improving the outcome for your audience.

We’re moving to a world where nearly everything is programmed, based on what you know about the content, the consumer and the time of delivery. We are heading in the direction where nearly all video content you receive will be automated and streamed real time. We will soon see an era when people won’t watch a show at a delivered time. Open APIs solve this issue without compromising the content you want to deliver.


Reach Engine introduces analytics before your content is ever released.

We believe it is core to the onset of your production cycle and that collection of data continues through the entire process. We plan the analytics development and collection for all your content and tie them together as part of the production cycle.


The majority of our clients in every area need to have their content protected from piracy or early release. Reach Engine institutes deep levels of encrypting and security whether on premise or in the cloud.

Having a cloud infrastructure with that level of security is critical to our relationship with each company who trusts us to keep their content safe.

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