The Rise of the Corporate Studio, Enterprise Video, and Dynamic Media Orchestration

Memo to C-Suite: Video Success Isn’t About DAM vs. MAM

Over the past decade, the global Media & TV business has learned a lesson all Enterprises should heed. Success with video doesn’t come from choosing a mystical single best-of-breed MAM, Edit Suite, Live Switcher, DAM – or any other system. Instead, it comes with being able to easily orchestrate human, semi-automated and automated workflows among these systems, and others that will inevitably emerge.

To understand why, think about the change media companies face: Mass adoption of the smartphone not only gives everyone a personal TV but also a 4k video production system. Direct-to-consumer streaming has put broadcasters, cable providers and movie theaters on their heels. Social media’s whimsical formats and genre-bending stars have fueled audience declines, even for top channels.

For over a decade, Levels Beyond has helped media companies adapt to these changes by increasing the velocity, volume, diversity and quality of content produced. And in that time, a hard truth has emerged.When it comes to video, even well-planned, Silver Bullet “system-of-record” deployments that solve problems with existing workflows inevitably need to be connected to new systems and unseen creative tasks that bring back the integration pains these deployments were meant to cure.

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