Case Studies
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REACH ENGINE & AWS deliver Proxy-in-the-cloud for RAPID WFH Video Workflows

By Jeff Kazanow on Apr 2, 2020 9:01:01 AM

Remote workforce enablement for those working with documents, images, and online meetings is one thing. But those working with high-volume, high-throughput, VIDEO content are quickly learning that standard remote workforce infrastructure and dependence on VPNs will not cut it for transitioning creative production and video distribution environments to a work-at-home model. 

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3 min read

Moving Forward with the New Business-As-Usual

By Jeff Kazanow on Mar 23, 2020 11:46:54 AM

Change and adaptation have long been the hallmarks of not only Media & Entertainment, but all American and global industries. Even when external circumstances are at their most fluid—even when the challenges we face are totally unprecedented—the drum of business does beat on. It will, and it must. (Your words, not ours.)

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