Coverage of Fifa World Cup™ a Game Changer for Live Events...

“The Men’s World Cup is the single biggest event in sports.”


Amazon Web Services, Telestream and Reach Engine collaborate in groundbreaking production of the world’s largest sporting event.

DENVER, CO (Sept. 12, 2018) – Major live sports event coverage will never be the same, at least not for Fox Sports following its unprecedented work with FIFA Men’s World Cup™ in Russia this summer.

“The Men’s World Cup is the single biggest event in sports,” said Dustin Myers, Fox Sports SVP of Production Operations, at a recent industry panel discussion in New York City. “We had to shoot live video in Russia, send it to Los Angeles to edit, and get it back to Russia in minutes for playback in the studio shows.”

To accomplish this technical feat, Fox Sports utilized a collective of innovative companies including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Telestream and Reach Engine by Levels Beyond to build an integrated solution that would allow the network to keep its entire post-production team at its L.A. media center during the month-long tournament. The intent was to avoid having to send a large number of editors and equipment to Russia, while still delivering the ultimate fan viewing experience in near real-time.

The solution streamed full-resolution video over unmanaged and direct Internet networks, using AWS cloud servers, while ingesting multiple camera feeds into the Reach Engine content management platform to tag video with metadata. This made assets easily organized and tracked for assignment to multiple editors working on simultaneous projects.   
“The process of sending video from Russia to L.A. and back in edited form was seamless thanks to all the tech companies participating, and represents a giant leap in sharing live events with audiences halfway across the planet within moments of the action taking place,” said Levels Beyond CEO Art Raymond.

Some Statistics:
  • 1.9 PB of content
  • Nearly 2,000 live feeds
  • 29,000 clips
  • 22,600 assets
  • 1,300 show elements
  • 10 stadiums
  • 32 sites
  • 64 matches
  • 3 media locations (Red Square, onsite operation at the IBC, postproduction in L.A.)
  • 66 concurrent feeds at peak bursting into AWS
  • 127 TB live processing concurrently
  • 348 editors working remotely off the cloud

Reach Engine team members will be providing demonstrations at the AWS booth at the International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam, September 13-18, 2018.

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