REACH ENGINE Remote Access options for On-Premise Sites

Hello REACH ENGINE users,

Given the recent outbreak of COVID-19 in the U.S.,  we have noticed an increase in customers and companies opting to Work From Home. For your on-premise instance(s) of REACH ENGINE, we would like to provide you with some of our best practices surrounding VPNs and how to best accommodate continuing business remotely.

It would be the responsibility of your organization to set up a VPN that allows access to your REACH ENGINE environment from a remote location. Whether that be via a remote session to an internal device on the network or connecting your remote device to the internal network over a VPN. We will outline the best practices and requirements for continuing work within REACH ENGINE through the VPN option. 

  1. Confirmation that the VPN set-up allows the remote connection to the REACH ENGINE UI / Front End. Please note that if you usually access the VPN using a DNS/FQDN such as you will need to make some configuration changes to your local machine's hosts file. You will need to add an entry that points from the Reach application servers IP address to the DNS record as such:


    This will give you the ability to access Reach Engine as usual through the DNS/FQDN instead of going through the IP address and port.

    *This is only required if your DNS record is hosted internally instead of by a DNS provider such as GoDaddy, HostGator, etc.

  2. Keep in mind that the web traffic over the VPN will be a little slower than on the internal network so actions like ‘Download Mezzanine/Proxy’ or anything that relies on the network bandwidth will be expected to be a little slower for the users than it would be on the internal network.

  3. For all users using the Premiere Panel plugin with Reach Engine, it will be required for these users to be able to remotely mount the Reach Engine repository on their machines through the VPN. This is what enables them to open assets from the panel into their project bins, and also check-in and check-out Reach Engine managed Premiere projects.

    *The users will need to be able to mount the Reach Engine repository on their remote machines just as it is mounted on the internal workstations they work in while in office. 

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