What's New? | REACH ENGINE – Fall 2021

Mark Turner, President, Entertainment Technologists Interviews Art Raymond, Founder and Chief Customer Officer, Levels Beyond to discuss the evolving Distributed Workforce Standard, and Reach Engine's long history providing Distributed Workforce solutions at scale. Watch it HERE. 

Also check out our Fall 2021 Reach Engine Updates, including:
   • Reach Engine Pricing Model Changes
   • Distributed Workforce - Sharing Some of the Pieces
   • Platform Enhancements, Our Newest Customers, and More.


Reach Engine is a media orchestration solution designed and built for enterprise media environments that intelligently integrate the people, processes, and technologies that comprise the media supply chain. From content creation through distribution, with a strong emphasis on enterprise video requirements. 

Reach Engine automates the functions and hand-offs within and between workflows, where most manual, expensive brute-force efforts develop, and grow. 

When media operations are choreographed through orchestration, the most common outcomes our clients acknowledge include:

   • Increased revenue opportunities [prosperity]
   • Re-captured lost time, resulting in increased productivity, and lower costs [productivity]
   • A future-proofed media supply chain [security]

From Media & Entertainment leaders, National Sports Leagues and Teams, Esports pioneers, and Corporate Media Studios, more media is touched and distributed by Reach Engine, than our competitors, combined.

How has Reach Engine’s Pricing Model changed?

We’ve overhauled our pricing model, which is now based on the volume of workflow automation you execute. 

In other words, you pay only for the value you get from the platform - and how much time and money you save – or generate.

Unlimited users. Unlimited assets. A simplified structure that also happens to significantly lower the barrier of entry for new and/or smaller organizations who can now benefit from the very same platform that the largest media companies depend on every day.

We’ve created a simple ROI calculator based on our current customer data that will help quickly illustrate how we deliver measurable value to a range of organization/team sizes and content volumes. Try it HERE. 

What else is new?

We’ve fortified our Distributed Workforce offering(s) with tightly integrated components including LucidLink, Frame.IO/C2C, Adobe Media Encoder in the cloud, and on-premise (with management automation), Signiant Media Shuttle, proxy stream edit in Adobe Premiere, and much more. Learn more HERE.

It’s not about WFH (work from home), it’s about WFA (work from anywhere): 
Remote working isn’t new – it’s just the new standard. And we’ve been building and perfecting this standard long before the 2020 ‘shift.’ From Super Bowls to FIFA World Cups, Reach Engine was supporting global, live broadcast, and remote production distributed workforces long before anyone actually needed to.

New platform enhancements: Expanding on our Workflow Marketplace and compelling performance improvements in our latest and upcoming releases, we’re thrilled to announce some of our most exciting developments including new EDL/rough-cut capabilities, a new Connector Marketplace, Smart Collections, new analytics dashboards, and reporting capabilities, and our new Workflow Designer UI - putting the power of Reach Engine workflow orchestration in the hands of any (authorized) user with an easy to control UI – with no ProServ, DevOps, or coding required.

New Customers, New Experiences:
We’re thrilled to have grown our family of Reach Engine customers over the past year, with some of the best-known and exciting names in broadcast media, corporate video, and sports. We’re customarily restricted from sharing these announcements publicly but can share this privately. So hope you’ll give us a shout for more information about our successes over the past year, and our plans for the next. 

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