Levels Beyond joins the Adobe Exchange Program as an Accelerate Partner

Denver, CO, February 3, 2021  |  Today Levels Beyond, the leader in dynamic media orchestration, announced it has joined the Adobe Exchange Partner Program as an Accelerate partner, which will enable existing and prospective Adobe customers to streamline enterprise video creation, management, and distribution within Adobe Experience Manager, a part of Adobe Experience Cloud.

With this collaboration, Media & Entertainment, Sports/Esports, and Corporate Studios will have the necessary tools to bridge creative production, marketing, and publishing silos, facilitating touchless movement and processing of bandwidth- and throughput-challenged video throughout the entire media supply chain.

Formalizing this collaboration is the next chapter of a more than ten year working relationship between Levels Beyond and Adobe. Levels Beyond’s REACH ENGINE Media Orchestration platform has been tightly integrated with Adobe Premiere and the Creative Cloud platform since its inception. The added integration with Experience Manager will help to eliminate silos and make enterprise video content and rich media more searchable, accessible, and ultimately monetizable across the enterprise.

“The goal of our Adobe Experience Manager integration is to make daily work easier for creatives, marketers and publishers across the organization. Media, be it large video files or many thousands of images, shouldn’t be restricted by manual handoffs and workarounds to eventually satisfy the business need. The REACH ENGINE platform makes all media more liquid, moving throughout the enterprise and thus expanding opportunities to drive targeted outcomes,” said Mykel Sprinkles, CEO of Levels Beyond.

A current REACH ENGINE & Experience Manager customer – TechStyle Fashion Group – is known for their popular eCommerce brands Fabletics, Shoedazzle and others. The brand was among the first to realize the efficiencies and gains to come from bridging video, marketing, and content publishing environments.

“In a typical Facebook engagement, editorial videos got about 5,000 views.” says Tim Koranda, Director of Studio Technology for TechStyle Fashion Group. “Once the video team stepped up the live broadcast and included a multi camera experience, it drove that number to over 50,000. Of course, adding multiple cameras means managing much more video. The implications for video management are enormous if you can’t automate and orchestrate your Media Asset Management (MAM) functions on the backend. Orchestrating tight integrations including Adobe Creative Cloud, Experience Manager, Frame.IO and more to come, is saving hundreds of people, many thousands of hours in perpetuity.”

REACH ENGINE by Levels Beyond enables uniquely enterprise-scale video capabilities Levels Beyond boasts an enviable roster of global content producers as customers that spans media & entertainment, sports & Esports, broadcast & OTT, brands and corporate studios, and digital-first media companies. In 2020, Levels Beyond saw significant customer growth with the addition of a major pay television network, a global education publisher, and the largest global online rental and experience marketplace.

“Video is becoming an increasingly important communication channel,” said said Cody Crnkovich, Head of Partner Programs at Adobe. “We look forward to bringing the automation and orchestration capabilities of REACH ENGINE to more even more brands looking to create compelling digital experiences.”

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