Moving Forward with the New Business-As-Usual

Change and adaptation have long been the hallmarks of not only Media & Entertainment, but all American and global industries. Even when external circumstances are at their most fluid—even when the challenges we face are totally unprecedented—the drum of business does beat on. It will, and it must. (Your words, not ours.)

Talk About the Numbers, Not the Noise
Here’s what I mean. As unforeseen and, frankly, surreal as these past few weeks have been, our phones have continued to light up not with panicked execs crying wolf, or creative directors threatening to jump ship, but with customers and partners checking in on the very same things they cared about when they signed on one, two, even three years ago: return on investment. 

Because even though new and different pressures are being put on the industries we serve—from Media & Entertainment, Sports/eSports, Marketing & Advertising, to New Media Distribution—the media supply chain itself lives on. Always has, always will.

Rather than dial everything back in light of a volatile environment, our clients and customers are working with us to scrutinize the must-haves against the nice-to-haves. They still want to drive cost savings through more efficient media asset orchestration, or new revenue through cross-channel media integrations. They still want to find creative solutions to problems new and old.

What I’m hearing is, don’t tell me how external circumstances are impeding your ability to deliver ROI, tell me how your solution can help me maximize my ROI despite them. Our customers, partners, and consumers are simply calling on us to help them do what they’ve always done in times of change: Pivot, survive, and thrive.

Master the Art of the Pivot
The need for organizations to pivot has always been part of the conversation. It takes a certain mindset. And it’s why we remain so committed to our brand of content management and orchestration. Regardless of extenuating market conditions, or even the industries we serve, we still map our tailored solutions to the points of media ingestion, production, orchestration, distribution, and preservation in ways that maximize ROI impact. This remains true during both economic upturns and unforeseen global pandemics alike.

During the 2019 FIFA World’s Cup, for example, how did the senior director of media management at a highly regarded sports programming division do when he needed an integrated, multi-vendor workflow to handle a high volume of content across a rather complex workflow? 

How was the post-production lead at U.S. Figure Skating able to not only address a disorganized and unreliable media storage system on the fly, but turn it into a full-fledged content management system capable of generating new sources of media revenue?

And more recently, how was a popular online clothing and fashion eCommerce leader running a high-volume, high-velocity video production studio in the heart of Los Angeles able to pivot to a decentralized, remote work model almost overnight?

A Mutual Need to Survive and Thrive
Each of these customers implemented their REACH ENGINE platforms on around the same time for the exact same reason: they understood that the next pivot would hardly be the last. While we like to think REACH ENGINE certainly plays its part in these successful pivots, I urge you to take it a level deeper:

It takes two to tango

Cliche, maybe. But you and I both know that while remote workforce enablement on the local and global level may very well be the call of the hour in the near term, the question is how long? How long until entirely new circumstances bring with them a greater demand for, say, on-premise media management and orchestration? Or native cloud support?

That was the attitude when the aforementioned eCommerce company first implemented their game-changing tech stack—when the going was still quite good, I might add—and I suspect it will continue to be long after the curve flattens out and things return to some semblance of normalcy. Or even if they don’t. Because that’s really the point, isn’t it? 

You’re not going anywhere any time soon and neither are we.

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