Henry Stewart Webinar To Feature Advanced Video + Dynamic Media Orchestration

WHEN: Wednesday June 10 – 9AM PDT / 12PM EDT | REGISTER HERE.

Organizations of all types and sizes use an ever-growing variety of tools, systems, and platforms that specialize in particular tasks or stages of the content lifecycle – from planning tools, asset and metadata management systems, to creative production, analytics, and AI platforms just to name a few. 

As we’ve learned over the years, the more tools you have, the more tools and processes you have to connect. And soon, the number of arrows on the ecosystem diagram outnumber the boxes (tools). But which specialty is responsible for governing all those arrows that span from planning to preservation and everything in-between? Dynamic Media Orchestration. 

cnsored by Levels Beyond to learn how two very different video content leaders came to realize that their greatest opportunities weren’t around how many more tools they could leverage – but instead, involved intelligently orchestrating the tools, people, and processes they already had.


Scott Ethersmith
Sr. Manager, Live Video
and Media Production
Tim Koranda
Director of Studio Technology,
TechStyle Fashion Group
David Lipsey
Moderator; Conference Chair,
Henry Stewart Conferences

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