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With North Americans deep into their third week of quarantine as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, many are looking for a welcome distraction from the stresses of the current times.

To help bring a sense of normalcy to their fans, the NHL has launched “NHL Pause Binge,” a campaign across, the league’s YouTube channel, and its various social channels that curates a robust collection of some of the NHL’s greater pieces of video content from its rich history.

“Content, right now, is what people are yearning for and desiring and we really put a lot of effort into giving people a bit more of their fill of hockey,” says Steve Mayer, chief content officer for the NHL. “This has been quite an interesting time and we think we are putting out some pretty cool things and we’ll continue to do so all the way through the pause. We’re trying to provide people at home – who are going through some really difficult times – with joy and entertainment. We know they love the NHL and we’re trying to give them something they will enjoy.”


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