Apex Award for Project of the Year — Reach Engine by Levels Beyond

Nov 9 , 2018

DENVER, CO (Nov. 8, 2018) – Levels Beyond has been in the business of powering large media companies to do more with their video content for more than a decade, but this past summer brought a project unlike any other the Denver-based software company had previously tackled.

“Basically FOX Sports decided to do something crazy with their approach to live coverage of the FIFA Men’s World Cup,” said Founder and CEO Art Raymond. “The network wanted to present live coverage of the month-long tournament from Russia to viewers in the U.S. without sending their 350+ person crew of video editors and equipment overseas to work on-site.”

Level’s Beyond customized its orchestration platform Reach Engine to coordinate multiple daily video feeds from matches in Russia to the post-production crew in Los Angeles and back within seconds of editing, to give American viewers a real-time experience of more games than had ever been covered before.

“We love to solve big problems and collaborate with technology partners to break new ground in the media space. This project was by far the most challenging our company has ever taken on, and we are proud to share about this achievement with the tech community in Colorado though the recognition of the APEX Award,” said Raymond.

Levels Beyond is now working with FOX Sports and partners including Amazon Web Services in preparation for the FIFA Women’s World Cup tournament that will take place in France this summer.

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