Three significant media operations are set to improve the cost of content operations.

DENVER, CO (February 22, 2018) – Today Reach Engine, the platform created by Levels Beyond that enables businesses to share their content across multiple channels and reach more consumers on any device, is announcing three major updates in their platform for a new era of visualization and efficiency.

Since 2012, Reach Engine has been based on content elements for their assembly, media acquisition standards and verification, destination standards and conformance. Reach has had these capabilities and the ability to support IMF, MXF, and most any format wrapper as core architecture.

Now they are revealing key changes that move beyond having a component design for content elements which significantly improve the cost of content operations.

“The world’s leading sports league, major TV networks and studios are using these new tools,” says Levels Beyond CEO Art Raymond. The new tools are best described as:

  • Blueprint: content cycle planning, set up, tracking and pre-emptive assembly.
  • Timeline: a new UI and media object that supports the visualization of media assembly, like IMF, collaboration, and dynamic use of video elements and their related timeline objects.
  • Workflow Engine: 2.0 has been broken into services enabling notifications, queues, and automations independently, enhancing them for unlimited scale and speed and integrating the new services of Timeline and Blueprint.

Book an appointment with Reach Engine at for one of their two suites at the Renaissance Hotel in Las Vegas or their shared booth on the NAB floor with AWS April 9-12, 2018.

Further news covering customer use of these tools will be coming.

About Levels Beyond

Levels Beyond is the Denver-based company behind the software platform Reach Engine that allows companies to create and curate video content on new era tools and enable smart, secure and elastic cloud services in sync with media workflow and supply chain automation. With Reach Engine, Levels Beyond has created an evolvable and customizable system serving more than 80 tier 1 clients internationally to create innovative solutions that advance media businesses.

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