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The volume of sports videos has exploded over the last decade. Leagues and teams are expected to deliver packaged highlights to mobile phones and tablets while enhancing onsite experiences in real time and expanding the delivery and components of live events. Reach Engine is a content platform that serves as a single hub to manage and deliver sports content anywhere.

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Fan Appetite

The sports video market has changed forever as fans demand more and more content on a variety of platforms.

This puts pressure on content owners and their distribution partners for more and deeper programming on branded applications like mobile and tablets and television networks.

Users are performing their own title and metadata searches to find the content they want. They can create their own clips, browse video and export that content.

Fans want to interact with leagues and teams and athletes online, at a live event, and after the live event on their personal devices.

Moving Content

Reach Engine uses automated workflow to make sure every piece of content that has value can be found.

Clips, videos, asset metadata and closed captioning can be digitally delivered with only a few clicks.

By ingesting live streams, the content can be edited into a highlight and delivered to any endpoint.

Reach Engine manages and distributes sports content across every possible variable.

That means event day shots and sequences are immediately available for use in real time videos, digital and mobile operations.

Sports Lifecycle

With total digital capability, Reach Engine manages the content of any sports entity.

If your organization needs live event coverage, your edit staff now has near real time access to live footage and highlights.

Team or event representatives are able to review and create immediate content.  That media is automatically distributed within the stadium and beyond, to the team, VOD and broadcast partner’s platforms.

This material is available for digital syndication, team or league online content, and can be expanded to marketing departments for all forms of social media.

Reach Engine coordinates your Sports Group’s video requirements with our flexible platform to address your media workflow and orchestration challenges.

Luc Comeau

VP of Sales, Levels Beyond

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