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The publishing industry is facing two key challenges. First, it must expand its content types to reach the consumer on multiple devices and second, it has to distribute all forms of content immediately. Reach Engine provides publishers the ability to master new media creation challenges in a single tool, creating opportunities for increased content and wide distribution.

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Digital Solutions For Publishers

Publishing Shift

The team behind Reach Engine has deep roots in the publishing industry. We made a concerted shift to solve problems for content creators using video 14 years ago.

Publishing now requires print and digital methods to produce, store and manage content for constantly changing consumption devices. This demands a significant percentage of the publishing industry’s message be moved to video content.

Reach Engine supports this transition by allowing writers and editors to find the perfect visual imagery from all material stored though our powerful search engine.

Breaking News Timelines

Reach Engine allows your publishing content creators to work together across various platforms to seamlessly support and automate critical business functions, distributing in real time.

Your content producers now have access to a rich archive of historically significant materials with powerful metadata organizing that content.

We can even support consumer driven content discovery!

Content Reach

The goal is to get your publishing content to a richer and broader audience by engaging a wide variety of users, increasing the value of CPM and ad dollars.

Reach Engine provides the vehicle for your group to track projects and their content with a full-featured work in process system. This empowers your team to collaborate easily and effectively.

Our customizable Metadata model equips your organization to tag and organize assets that fit your workflow.

Reach Engine is the answer to any publishing industry’s video requirements in the modern era of highly diverse, and ever changing consumption platforms.

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