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As technology powering branded video becomes more sophisticated, marketers are seeing greater results from video-based advertising. Whether dipping more heavily into branded content or harnessing in-house data on their own customers in media buying, digital video marketing use has been growing and shows no sign of stopping.

Brands and agencies must navigate and transition within the new media landscape to remain competitive. Consumer media life cycles, audience planning, multiple touch points and extensive reach are all new requirements for this connected world. Reach Engine is a future-proof platform to connect your customer to your media, allowing you to move ever closer to the brave new world of programmatic TV.

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Competitive Advantage

Remaining competitive in today’s media landscape demands a move away from individual departments, vendors and systems and a turn toward consumers in a distributed world of devices, networks and organizations.

Brand Management Agencies need the necessary tools to find, relate and connect to consumers in this new frontier demanding ever-changing content lengths, custom messages by DMA, and Programmatic data-driven ad buys.

With so many options and increased demand for content, organizations have to use this time of transition to prepare for a cataclysmic shift in reaching consumers with video.


Brands and agencies site the ability to integrate video systems with automation and CRM systems, along with greater efficiency in planning, buying and reporting, as a top advantage in today’s ad market. Investing in API-driven media management systems like Reach Engine that connect and automate much of today’s manual steps in video ingest, storage, and delivery prepares brands and agencies to keep up with the growing demands of Programmatic ad buying technologies.

Content Distribution

“Over a third of marketer and publisher respondents said mobile video optimization required the most time and budget compared to other digital formats. It is increasingly no longer acceptable to simply reuse 30 or 15 second spots for other devices: advertisers must consider the format they work with and optimize accordingly.” – AOL 2015 State of the Video Industry

Reach Engine is designed to take your organization seamlessly into new forms of digital advertising, automating at scale to deliver video anywhere your programmatic media buying leads you.

This intelligent distribution to a multitude of platforms touches hundreds of devices across thousands of delivery points on demand, creating more than one million possible combinations of media formats and deliveries.

Campaigns for major brands built on Reach Engine cover more media types over greater periods of time, connecting many new points in the consumer life cycle.

Persistent and consistent content is fundamental to driving these dynamic updates on video intensive platforms. Programmatic TV is gaining popularity as audience fragmentation on devices hits an inflection point. The more data driven and immediate ad buying becomes, the more automated and faster your video delivery system will need to be.

Audience & Results

Regardless of format, the combination of sight, sound and motion evokes tremendous emotional response.

With Reach Engine, in-house brand management and agencies can have a link between market-leading analytics tools as the foundation for audience targeting, A/B and real-time delivery analysis. Technology demands are changing so quickly that it is imperative that you be able to make the connection between your data and your video.

The widespread adoption of various digital devices has created a world where consumers expect video content on any device at any time of day pushing content creators, advertisers, and television networks toward the digital realm. You have to be able to know what is working for audiences, and what isn’t, constantly.

Your organization will be able to implement a full cycle media platform that supports consumer targeting, multi-channel creative support, and distribution with Reach Engine.

With a platform-first approach to media management and logistics, Reach Engine provides the tools and applications necessary to create and consume media today.

Reach Engine focuses on flexibility and adaptability to the tools and processes an organization relies on. We emphasize customer empowerment and the ability to update processes to keep pace with the changing market.

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