August 20, 2019

As MovieLabs unveils the Hollywood studios collective 2030 Vision for “the evolution of media creation” (free download at, it seems an appropriate time to reflect on how we at Levels Beyond think media will continue to evolve. As Levels Beyond’s Reach Engine is deployed at many of the studios we also look forward to working with them to deliver on the vision they have laid out.

The MovieLabs paper calls for a future where all media production occurs in the cloud, where the media does not move, and applications come to it rather than the other way around. Distribution becomes a function of ‘publishing’ assets to the next person in a workflow chain and files do not need to be moved and duplicated unnecessarily. MovieLabs are also thinking about the relationship between the millions of individual media assets that can make up a complex workflow and the linkage between them – ”In future systems, these media components will all be in the cloud, so a cloud-appropriate linking mechanism will have to be used to understand these relationships”. MovieLabs also envisions a future where “We can also expect many mundane or repetitive tasks of production to be accomplished through Artificial Intelligence enhanced tools, automation, bots, and processes”.

Of course, at Levels Beyond we are in agreement with MovieLabs and the Studios in regards to these developments and we have already been developing in many of these directions. Our premier product Reach Engine (™) is already cloud-native and can be used by customers to migrate millions of assets from local storage into S3 enabled clouds.

We are also building the foundation for a future based on the automation of tasks using our Workflow Engine. Levels Beyond manages more than 4 million workflow processes per week and that provides unique insights into the process of content creation, preparation and distribution not just across studios but enterprises, sports and brands.

Reach Engine also natively provides linkage between assets, their metadata and other associated files. MovieLabs makes a call for such a system to enable the accurate discovery and tracking of media assets and the other assets which have a relationship to them and with Reach Engine, Levels Beyond can deliver that to media companies today.

In Principle 9, MovieLabs also calls for an industry-wide API layer for applications to interface in a standardized way with files, hardware and software processes. The Levels Beyond Connectors provide exactly that functionality within Reach Engine today using standardized interfaces to hundreds of workflow tasks from encoders, transcoders and storage systems. In 2020 Levels Beyond will be releasing the Connectors as an SDK so other companies can build upon them too.

We are thrilled that MovieLabs and our studio clients are predicting such a bold new future for media creation, and we look forward to making that a reality with them.

Art Raymond
Founder & CEO
Levels Beyond

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