Enterprise Software Account Executive  – Los Angeles & New York Openings

We are looking for, well… what every company is looking for, a killer sales person. What does that mean? It means we are looking for someone that is smart enough, curious enough and determined enough to uncover problems we can solve with our products within our target market companies, and that can manage the sales process from discovery to close. 

We sell a unique software product and associated services that let media companies, sports franchises, large brands and creative agencies,  create, manage, store and deploy high volumes of video content. Current customers include such well known companies as the NFL, NHL, UFC, Fox Sports, Red Bull, Disney, ABC, Amazon Studios, Showtime and more.

We need someone that is located in the greater Los Angeles and New York area’s to call on our target prospects.



We understand that successful sales people have all sorts of different backgrounds, so we are open to anyone that can sell,  but this is the experience we “believe” you will need, or at least will be helpful, for you to succeed in this position:

  • A proven, and demonstrable, track record of sales success
  • A history of selling to at least some of these target industries
  • A college degree 
  • Innate curiosity – you must naturally want to learn about what people do in their jobs, what challenges they face, why they want to change or why they continue to do the same things over and over without changing
  • You must be able to assess someone’s situation. Is their situation bad enough to change what they are doing? 
  • Determination – you will hear a “no” much more than you are going to hear a “yes”. But if it was easy to sell, we wouldn’t be looking for you.
  • Intelligence.
  • Patience – you will be selling big deals that deeply impact a company. It takes time and patience to manage the process for this kind of sale. 
  • You have to be self aware enough to determine what you are working on and how you spend your time is leading to the success we expect you to achieve. 
  • A independent streak. You will be working out of your home office, at least in the beginning, so you have to be self motivated, self managing,  etc.


Here is the work required that we have seen will lead to your success

  • You have the ability to cold call into high level positions at prestigious companies. We have sales development reps that will assist in getting you appointments, but you are still going to have to do a lot of the research, emailing, calling and cold outreach to stir up interest in our product.
  • You’ll  have to know how to persistently ask questions to determine if a prospect has a problem that we can solve. You’ll have to feel comfortable in continuing to push to get answers to more questions. Why are you doing it this way? What problems is this causing? What departments or person is this problem impacting? 
  • You’ll have to be smart enough to determine that the problem you uncover is big enough so the prospect or company is willing to change what they are doing now to adopt our services.
  • You have to want to “grind”. This isn’t easy. It requires hard work, determination, persistence, and resiliency. 
  • Preferably 2-5 years of experience in the media or sports industry

Why Work Here?:

With so much hard work expected of you, why would you want to work here? 

  • Our product and service is unique. Meaning that you aren’t competing with 100 other salespeople, calling on the same person, selling the same product. You will be the only person, or one of very few, this prospect will have spoken to about their problem.
  • You will be calling on people that, based on the experience we have with our other customers, will have problems we can solve. 
  • And these problems are usually big enough and have a big enough impact on their company, that they will be willing to at least engage with you.
  • You will be calling on some of the biggest and most well known companies in the world. That’s interesting enough in itself.
  • You will be selling a product that is on the leading edge of technology.
  • You can and should make a ton of money if you apply yourself.


The compensation package is highly competitive and will consist of a base salary, commissions paid quarterly, and a stock option package. Most of your income will be derived from the commissions you generate through your sales. We DON’T cap your earnings potential. In fact, we add accelerators to maximize the pay you can earn the more you sell. 


Apply Now

Send us the link to your LinkedIn profile and resume and explain to us why you think you should be considered for this job – jobs@levelsbeyond.com. Be sure to include the job you are applying for.

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