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Content Strategy for Education & Universities

Higher education is expanding their use of video with instructional content and marketing communications to meet the demands of young people. According to a recent Kaltura Report, 93% of those surveyed believe video increases satisfaction of students and their learning experience. With Reach Engine, campuses can extend classes, virtualize professors and add remote degrees successfully with on premise or cloud support.


Content for Learning

Improve learning experience, satisfaction and achievement as demanded by the students.

Market Outreach

Attract the right students through marketing and increase alumni affiliation with the institution.

Expanded Use of Video

Increasing retention and completion rates for remote students and online learning.

Connected to AWS

Your brand gets a powerful AWS cloud platform with secure, reliable and adaptable object storage framework.

HOW WE HELP Education & Universities


Using shared content to various learning management systems (LMS), Reach Engine offers a standard service for remote video delivery and automations. Our planning tool spans instructional and marketing goals for a project. We have remote resource management for video delivery to LMS or instructional processes, and preserve your inventory for archive.


Manage and collaborate media during any live lecture or event, as well as automatically distribute content in real-time to social media and marketing channels with Reach Engine workflows. Our all-in-one connected platform supports all marketing and communications to connect to alumni, social media, direct channel, on demand, signage and more.


We provide additional video uses for the university faculty and video production management team, along with curriculum planning, from administration to instruction. We support a live campus feed with direct IP delivery to video on demand. Both students and faculty can store and publish video content with our seamless, modern platform.


GrayMeta’s integration with Reach Engine adds immense value to the customer experience – now businesses can manage their content and leverage machine learning to automate the creation of rich, searchable metadata all in one place, saving a lot of time and money.

John Motz
CTO, GrayMeta

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