Reach Engine and Verizon Digital Media Services

Reach Engine and Verizon Digital Media Services launch MX Studio, simplifying online video workflows for OTT providers

Verizon Digital Media Services

Whether you deliver OTT video, web pages, online commerce, applications, games, mobile ads or live events, Verizon Digital Media Services has a faster, more reliable and secure solution for all your content delivery needs.

The combined power of the Reach Engine platform and Verizon Digital Media Services generates a content intelligence system that focuses on the media lifecycle to plan, create, curate, distribute, syndicate, monetize and analyze media while providing timely and key intelligence.

Reach Engine orchestrates MX Studio and streamlines the movement of metadata and digital media assets through production, approval, distribution, monetization and consumption by viewers on connected devices.

From concept to consumer, Verizon and Reach Engine round out the solution, bringing more components in-house and creating a lot more capability on top of the video delivery platform.

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