Reach Engine and Spectra

Reach Engine and Spectra Logic BlackPearl launch hybrid storage solution to manage data.


The Spectra Logic BlackPearl acts as an object storage gateway to deep storage. It enables the use of RESTful interfaces to manage large amounts of data on multiple storage domains.

Reach Engine is partnering to archive digital assets to the Spectra BlackPearl Converged storage system. Together, BlackPearl and Reach Engine deliver a simple solution that provides users the ability to easily move data to various storage tiers, including the lowest-cost storage tiers for greatest savings. The solution offers a hybrid storage environment, by utilizing object storage to manage data on multiple tiers of storage.

Spectra is a revolutionary new solution that provides a streamlined approach to content archives utilizing cloud architecture. It simplifies deployment, use, and management of large data sets, and is a complete deep storage solution designed to meet customer demands.

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