ChalkVideo® is the latest in cutting edge media inventory tools from Levels Beyond

Based on the Reach Engine software platform, ChalkVideo® is a patent-pending Software as a Service (SaaS) technology that will revolutionize how future generations will use media

Any Kind of Media

ChalkVideo® makes it possible to group any kind of media with a timeline, just like text metadata is used to mark useful or important locations in video timelines today.

Live Stream Connected to Any Moment

A live digital media stream can be presented in ChalkVideo® and allow for a myriad of documents, video, images, drawings, comments, social feeds, statistics, notations and much more, to be connected to any moment in time as the video passes.

Endless Uses for Such Technology

These are just two of many applications of ChalkVideo®

Digital Learning Courses

Students, scholars, teachers and others could quickly and easily attach drawings, notes, questions, animation or any other materials to moments in a playback, allowing members of the class to review extra materials and add their own, all as the class continues.

Live Events

Audience members of a live sporting event could add pictures, notes, signatures, stats and many other items to an event.

Pilot Project Invitation to Early Adopters

Are you an early adopter? Want to push the envelope of media interactivity with us?
If you are interested in becoming part of this pilot project based on our prototype technology, contact us.

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