Studio Express

For 2 years Reach Engine Studio has been the central application in the Reach Engine ecosystem. Studio exposes the flexibility of our platform by allowing users to quickly find content in a massive media inventory and take action on that content from a simple web interface.

In order to continually improve our user experience we’ve identified that many users in an organization need a tablet-based search and cataloging experience, and that’s why we’ve launched Studio Express. Whether you’re a producer trying to identify the top selects from a shoot or a legal team clearing a piece of content for delivery, Studio Express helps you get to your content faster, with the same action based tools Reach Engine Studio has always delivered.

Studio Express centers on the concept of “Collections.” Collections can mean many things to a user – they could be a Bin that is being populated for an edit session, they can be a playlist that’s being put together for a consumer facing application, or they can be a highlight reel or group of selects for the marketing team. Studio Express allows users to “pin” their collections in a sidebar for easy drag and drop access while browsing the content inventory managed by Reach Engine. Never before have users been able to wade through millions of assets without losing their way or the context of what they’re working on. Studio Express is our first targeted Engine App delivered in our vision of a task-centric media workflow. When working with media, it’s all about context, and Studio Express ensures that what you’re working on is front and center, all the time.